Security Training information

Leave your dogs with us and we will train your dog in obedience, protection and agility. Your dogs will be housed in neat and clean kennels under regular supervision. Dogs will be trained using humane methods according to international standards. Different courses are offered according to the ability of the dog. Dogs are assessed according to PSIRA and personal requirements.

Training for commercial security handlers is done by appointment. Guards are trained in basic canine maintenance, handling skills, legal responsibilities and security procedure. Handlers are trained to prepare themselves for the demands of the modern security situation where dogs have become an indispensable tool in crime prevention and management. All courses are PSIRA accredited.Sasseta courses are also offered.

We offer trained dogs for commercial purposes to security companies. Dogs are trained
in obedience, agility and protection or scent work to assist security
handlers in crime prevention and management. Patrol dogs are able to work with handlers for general patrol. Detector dogs can be used to find substances like explosives, etc. DOGS FOR SALE
Dogs of different ages and training levels are offered for sale for commercial purposes. We breed registered German Shepherds under the kennel name, Di Canini. It is a member of the German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa Dogs are graded according to PSIRA and our own levels

We have a small range of equipment for the security dog owner. It includes manwork training equipment, leashes, choke chains, shampoo, dip, etc. Special equipment is also made on request.


Most queries are handled free of charge. For the erection of kennels, establishment of dog units, accreditation of handlers, etc, a special rate is charged.