Domestic Training

Owners attend weekly classes that enable them to train their own dog/s. This is normally done in a group, but individual sessions can be arranged.

Our Autumn semester runs from March to May and the Spring semester from September to December.

The Personal Protection courses train both the handler and dog to perform effectively under attack.

A. PUPPY CLASS (3-6 months)
Six weekly sessions; Saturdays 2.00 – 3.00pm
1. Puppy Development stages & care
2. Socialization
3. Training process: Walk on lead, Sit s it-stay & recall
4. Stand for veterinary examination
5. Area adaptation
6. Desensitizing

Six weekly sessions; Saturdays 3.00 – 4.00pm
1. Training process
2. Vet examination
3. Heel
4. Sit and sit stay
5. Down and down stay
6. Recall
7. Area adaptation& Socialization
8. Steadiness: dogs; gunshot; traffic
9. Skills: Pass gate; enter vehicle; eat on command
10. Assessment guarding instinct (optional)

C. PERSONAL PROTECTION DOG Saturday 4.00-5.30pm
This is only for dogs and handlers who have completed the Basic Obedience Course/similar course and the dog has a suitable temperament. Duration depends on dog’s ability.
OBEDIENCE: Heelwork; Auto sit; Stays; Recall distance control .
AGILITY: Clear jump; long jump; A-frame scale; Hoop; Barrel; Pause bench

PROTECTION/MANWORK: Bite development; Introduction to handler protection; open area attack; Food Refusal bush ambush; Front door attack Handler protection, knife, gun attack, gang attack; home protection OR BREED SURVEY MANWORK
SCENT WORK : retrieve, send away, area search for article, imprinting and search scenarios