Boarded Training

During these courses, dogs are left with us from Monday to Friday. We train the dogs while they stay with us. When dogs are collected on Fridays, owners are trained to handle the dog. Fees include training as well as maintenance (feeding, & washing). Dogs that stay with us are fed high quality kibble or BARF/ Raw diet, depending on owner’s choice. If dogs must be left over weekends as well, an additional boarding fee is charged. Training courses can also be modified to suit the owner.

Duration: 4 weeks+
1. Stand for vet examination and grooming
2. Area adaptation
3. Heelwork
4. Sit and sit stay (1 minute; 2 mtr distance)
5. Down and down stay (1 minute; 2mtr distance)
6. Recall
7. Steady: Traffic, Dogs, areas
8. Skills: Pass gate; enter vehicle; eat on command
9. Agility (Introduction): Clear jump; long jump; bench jump; A-frame scale; hoop
10. *Protection (Introduction): assessment of protective instincts; bite development.
(* Only if the dog is able to do this)
11. Training of owner


(For dogs that have completed the Basic Obedience Course/similar course)

Duration: 4 weeks+ (Duration depends on dog’s ability.)
a)OBEDIENCE: Heelwork; Auto sit; Sit stay & Down stay (2minutes; 5 mtr distance)
Distance control- sit and down (2 mtr+ distance); Recall (Front and heel)
b) AGILITY: Clear jump; long jump; pause; barrel, A-frame
c) PROTECTION/MANWORK: Bite development; Open area attack; bush ambush and
home protection
d) Training of owner